Monday, July 21, 2008

Livestrong Challenge Inspires

Well, believe it or not, I ran/walked in a 5K to benefit the Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation. My dad and my friend Jason love to bicycle, and they did a challenge in Oregon last year, and this year a bunch of us formed a team and raised over $11,000. What was most inspiring for me, though, was how many people have been touched by cancer. When I sat down to write on the "In Memory Of" portion of my jersey, I was able to list off 7 people in my little world. There were others, but I could not fit all of them in. When I was tired during the race, a "Survivor" would pass me, and I would think to myself, "what the hell am I doing!? Move it on along sister!" and I would subsequently move my ass a little faster. There was a mom with a baby in a stroller and two little girls who were in the 5K. All of thier jerseys said "In Honor of Daddy". That made me go a little faster too. This whole scenario makes me want to appreciate everything I have a little more. It all makes me want to live a little healthier, a little better, and yes, it makes me want to live a little stronger.

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Jason said...

Awesome Laura, awesome. Much love and respect!