Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie Review - Summer Blockbuster

I took Sammy to see the Space Chimps, the highly acclaimed hit of the summer. While the acting skills of the main character were lackluster, the plot was filled with twists and turns that left some audience members on the edge of their seats. Nevermind that Sammy and I were seriously the only two people in the theatre. But I digress. The movie began with a bang, literally, with Ham the space monkey turned circus act being hurled out of a cannon at warp speed. The audience gets a glimpse into the primate soul when Ham grasps for the moon, which seems just out of touch. Talk about foreshadowing. Ham grapples with the fact that he will never live up to his grandfather's legacy of being the first chimp in space. The ensemble of actors were perfectly cast, and Curious George ain't got nothin' on this group of chimp actors. The climax of the film is complicated enough so that even the toughest critic will be satisfied. With space aliens, rocket ships, volcanoes, three suns, and a beast, the film was nail-biting to say the least. With lines like, "chimp my ride!" and "chimp-a-licious", this type of screenwriting comes once in a lifetime, and audiences would be remiss to miss this chimp flick. Man, I cannot wait for awards season!

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