Monday, August 4, 2008

$70 Haircut?

I have always gotten my hair cut at places like Fantastic Sam's or places that have "family" in their name. In the past, I would have been shocked if the chain that I got my hair cut at charged more than 15 bucks. I had never gotten my hair cut by the same person twice. The gals who usually cut my hair barely speak English and talk on their cell phones while cutting my hair in a nonchalant, I couldn't care less kind of way. They usually spend about ten minutes on it, and then send me on my way.

For the fourth time this year, though, I have shelled out over $70 bucks for a simple haircut. Well, maybe not that hair stylist is Carlos, an ultra hip, maybe gay, nice as can be hair genius. My salon is not just a simple salon, it is a shrine to all things beauty and hair. I have to spend an hour getting myself ready to go to the salon. The clientele is hip, rich, and beautiful. Everyone has a designer bag, designer shoes, etc. I always drag out my one cool Coach handbag (thank god for Carol and her gift giving ability). I do my hair as best I can, (I had to pull the stickers that Matthew put in it on Saturday) put on lots of makeup, and make the drive to the salon. There is always a wait to see the "stylist". I don't mind the wait though. They make me a cappuccino, or offer me cucumber water. When Carlos emerges, I am greeted with a smile and a hello, and then he gets to work. He has a tool belt that contains like fifteen sets of scissors and other various hair tools I know nothing about. He spends a good 45 minutes cutting my hair to perfection. Then he styles it as I watch his every move in an attempt to remember how to make it look this good myself.

I feel like a goddess walking out of that place. I sometimes get compliments. I feel like one of those hip, rich, beautiful women in the salon. I forget that in less than an hour, one of my kids will inevitably vomit, spit, or smear yogurt or the dreaded peanut butter in my perfect goddess hair. I forget that if I take a shower my hair will never look the same, because as hard as I try, I cannot recreate what Carlos does. But damn, those few minutes feel good. So, is a $70 haircut worth it? Yes it is.


John said...

Honey, if it makes you feel like a goddess, even for a few minutes, then it's the best $70 you could spend.

Jason said...

You know what makes me feel like a God? About $70 woth of booze and then its my vomit that ruins it! Love you "Godess Laura"